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How to Chose a Veterinarian

Choosing a Vet By Patricia Stephens (formerly) Collier Owner, Attention, it's OK - actually, downright necessary - to be picky when looking for medical care for your companion animal. The following information can serve as a guideline to help you choose a good veterinarian for your pet. Interview a Few Vets That's right. I…
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How to make a natural flea shampoo for dogs

How to make a natural flea shampoo for dogs Gather the following ingredients: 1 Tbs. colloidal oatmeal (available at most pharmacies) 28 oz. hot water 1 Tbs. aloe vera juice (available in health food stores) 4 oz. pet shampoo (concentrated, biodegradable and hypoallergenic) 2 Tbs. orange peel oil (available in health food stores) 2 vitamin…
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How To Get Florida Fleas to Flee – Naturally

How To Get Florida Fleas to Flee - Naturally As guardians of four dogs, we have the dubious honor of being quasi-experts on the topic of fleas. We first moved to Florida in 1983 and immediately developed a flea problem. That was hard to accept after nearly 30 flea-free years in West Virginia. We proceeded…
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Pet Friendly Florida State & National Parks

Florida State Parks Pets are OK in "designated areas" of Florida State Parks, including campgrounds. For specifics read State Park Pet Policies. Special Note: September is State Park Literacy Month during which time visitors can enjoy free entry into any state park except Skyway Fishing Pier State Park. National Parks in Florida The Dry Tortugas…
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