All City Parks in West Palm Beach

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  • Dreher Park

    This park is located across from the Palm Beach Zoo on Summitt Blvd. Just go into the park to the end, then you will see paw printed fire hydrants that lead to the dog park which has separate areas for small and large pups. Not well known at this time, so people with shy dogs might take advantage of it for a while, or at least until it becomes more well known and crowded. Please Share...

  • Mary Brandon Park

    Located two blocks south of Forest Hill Blvd. on Georgia Avenue. Open dawn to dusk. Offers fence, benches, parking, poop bags, picnic tables, trash cans, water. Reader Notes: "I had a weird experience at this park. I have been walking my dog at the park (which also has a dog run area) for 9 years and never had a problem. Today there was a guy there with what appeared to be a 'pit bull' puppy (ears were cropped) The gate was not completely closed but I didn't feel threatened walking by with my 11 year old Australian Shepherd. My dog is very, very friendly with all dogs. This [puppy] came charging out and started immediately fighting with my dog! The owner didn't seem to try hard enough to grab his dog until I screamed at him to get his dog. It was so weird that I gave the whole situation some serious thought. I am convinced that this was a 'fighting dog' in training. The guy seemed to want to see how the situation would 'play out.' BE ON YOUR GUARD. Even a harmless puppy can be a big problem. The guy was driving a black pick up truck. Watch out just in case I am right! I am not a pit bull hater. My sister has two wonderful pit bull dogs." Please Share...

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