3 Smart Ways to Save by Making Your Own Kitty Litter

The number one word for your cat may be, "finicky" and sometimes that sadly extends to the litter in their box. If a cat is deterred from using a litter box for any reason it may mean they could begin to use other parts of your home, or perhaps even hold it in, leading to kidney problems or UTIs. But that’s just one of the considerations that may lead to making your own litter.

Kitty litter can also be costly and some of the chemicals used can be harsh for the environment. That’s not only the greater world but also on your lungs and home air quality. Making your own kitty litter is a way to potentially save your health and your pocketbook.

With all this in mind, Your Best Digs suggests simple and environmentally friendly alternatives to the name brands (at the bottom of this post about automatic litter boxes). They recommend storing your litter in an airtight container and even have provided some adorable printable logos, like the one above, to put on the bags you make (so you won’t mix up your containers). You can download several different patterns from the link above.

This article provided by Sarah Archer of Your Best Digs.

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