Bonita Springs Dog Parks

Bonita Springs

Dog Beach Park
Also known as "Lee County Off-Leash Dog Area." Located on Bonita Beach Blvd., just north of New Pass between Bonita Springs and only a few miles south of Fort Myers Beach. Can be reached by car or boat.

Open dawn to dusk, this is basically a sandbar and so it's best to visit at low tide. Offers parking, plastic bags and disposal stations. It was officially sanctioned in May 2002 by Lee county as a permanent off-leash park. It is maintained by a group of local volunteers calling themselves SOODA (Save Our Off-Leash Dog Area.)

Reader Notes:

"This is a beautiful and safe 'sandbar' where you can let your dog run free, swim or play in the tidal pools. Watch your tide chart. Low tide can be a little mucky and slick in places and high tide makes the beach smaller, but it is the only off leash area around where your dogs can really run off that energy. They love it. And who wouldn't bathe Fido after the beach anyway?"

"This beach is really just a sandbar, so there is no dog beach during high tide. It's medium sized...crowded and the water is not exactly clean and clear. There are volunteers who clean the area on a daily bases, so you don't see any papers, cups or doggie surprises, but they can't keep the gas and oil film out of the sure to bathe Fido after your visit. Parking is free."

"This beach is only a tiny strip of sand and can only be used at low tide, rest of they time the swamp is under water. Had a lot of pollution, oil, gas, trash."

"This beach is very nice and is indeed leash-optional."

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