Cape San Blas Dog Parks

Cape San Blas

All areas of beach in Cape San Blas, in Gulf county in the Panhandle, allow leashed dogs, 24 hours a day.

Reader Notes:

"The entrance is directly off the side of 98 (we were headed East) and is very vegetated sand dunes (small ones.) Once you walk over the dunes, there is plenty of sand before the water meets the shore. Lots of room to run and play!" (This reader also provided us with the photos on this page.)

"This a nice area to take your pets and it's very kid friendly - no huge waves to knock over the little ones."

"I would recommend this beach to everyone. I will make sure to let our military friends know too since there are not many pet friendly places in the area. A lot of us take trips to the coast on a regular basis and I'm sure they would love to be able to include the often left out family member."

"Cape San Blas and Indian Pass Beach are "definitely dog friendly" and even though Gulf County says "dogs on beach must be leashed", it is definitely not enforced. However, it is commom beach courtesy here to leash your dog when you see another dog or persons coming. Unleash after passing, assuming your dog is under complete control."

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