Casselberry Dog Parks


Pawmosa Dog Park

Located next to Plumosa Oaks Park at 140 Plumosa Avenue. This park opened November 4, 2006. It is a one-acre shady spot surrounded by a 6-foot fence. It has two separate areas, one for big dogs and one for small dogs. The park also offers watering stations, trash receptacles, benches and fire hydrants.

Readers Notes:

"It was a very clean and well maintained park, the pups and owners we encountered were very friendly. The park has lots of mature trees that create lots of shade, water fountains for both as well as a water station to wash of the dogs after play time. There are a few logs and some un-mowed areas that were of particular interest to my JRT/Beagle and her pals. The only problem I had with the park is the noise and swearing from the basketball court that is right next to the dog park."

"The park is well maintained, clean and very dog friendly. Note: There are no food or food treats allowed. Clean up stations are readily accessible with bags provided. We has a great time."

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