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Got an itchy dog?

By Patricia Stephens Owner, If your pup participates in scratching sessions that rattle your windows - and your nerves - read on. Our adorable Dachshund, Willie, is the scratcher in our family. We sometimes refer to him as, "The Itchy Weiner." As far as the cause, well, he doesn't have fleas. He isn't an…
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Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Beach

By Sally Perkins The Sunshine State. Home to beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and lively nightlife. Florida is also a great place for pet guardians due to the high amount of pet-friendly parks and beaches. Taking your pets to the beach comes with great responsibility - both to the people around you and to the beach itself. However,…
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Proceed with caution: It’s sea turtle nesting season

By Patricia Stephens, Owner, "For the next few  months, humans and their dogs must be extra careful when walking or playing on Florida's beaches." - Patricia Stephens Something very magical happens on many beaches in Florida from May 1 through October 31. Sea turtles get the nurseries ready for babies-to-be. It's during this time…
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Pet Safety Guide

This article is used with permission by the experts at ADT Security. There is simply nothing that compares to welcoming a pet into your family. Starting a life with a new and exuberant friend is exciting, however, it also comes with a number of preparations in order to make sure your home is pet-friendly. To…
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Florida Pet Rescues

This page updated 03/10/18 "Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that animal." - Unknown Read the very special Rescue Rainbow Bridge   SPECIAL NOTE: This section contains a few organizations that work with Greyhound adoptions. does NOT endorse greyhound racing, but we are very supportive of rescue and adoption efforts on behalf of…
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Pet Friendly Florida Politicians

  Pet-Friendly Florida Politicians Compiled from various sources and organized by Patricia Stephens, Owner,  NOTE: This page was updated 4/19/18. Fortunately, issues about pets are usually some of the most bipartisan matters dealt with in Tallahassee or on Capitol Hill. Since lawmakers have a huge say about pet issues, it behooves us to know which politicians…
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Pet Cat Tunnel

Pet Cat Tunnel WHY I LIKE THIS: I'm not a cat, but if I were, I bet I'd get bored easy. This tunnel would keep me occupied longer than a day or two! BEST WAYS TO PLAY: With 3 spacious tunnels, built-in crinkle crackle paper, peephole & bell toy, this popular tunnel chute gives your…
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Dog Treat Training Pouch

Dog Treat Training Pouch WHY I LIKE THIS: It's an all-in-one carry-along, ready for the dog park or just a trip around the neighborhood. It's also handy in case you have to evacuate with your pet. EASILY STORES KIBBLE, TOYS & TREATS: The convenient drawstring securely holds in generous amounts of dog training treats, accessories,…
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Dog Birthday Decorations Kit

Dog Birthday Decorations Kit WHY I LIKE THIS: If you've never had a birthday party for your pup, this kit has everything you'll need to make the event a pawsitively sensational time for all. Just add your dogs' pals and you're all set! EVERYTHING YOU NEED - This dog birthday party kit contains the best…
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How to Help If You Suspect Animal Abuse or Cruelty

How to Help If You Suspect Animal Abuse or Cruelty By Patricia Stephens, Owner, Getting Started You’ve seen something happening to an animal that’s bothered you, or that you feel is downright cruel. What can you do to help an animal in need? First, check the animal cruelty laws in Florida by heading over…
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How to make a natural flea shampoo for dogs

How to make a natural flea shampoo for dogs Gather the following ingredients: 1 Tbs. colloidal oatmeal (available at most pharmacies) 28 oz. hot water 1 Tbs. aloe vera juice (available in health food stores) 4 oz. pet shampoo (concentrated, biodegradable and hypoallergenic) 2 Tbs. orange peel oil (available in health food stores) 2 vitamin…
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How To Ask Schools and Churches to Teach Compassion Toward All God’s Creatures 

How To Ask Schools and Churches to Teach Compassion Toward All God’s Creatures  By Patricia Stephens, Owner, Below is a sample letter, ready for you to fill in the blanks, sign, and send.  Dear _______: (Name of the school administrator, church minister, etc.) Our little ones are so full of love. What better time…
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