Cocoa Beach Dog Parks

This page was updated 5/22/18

Note: Historically, dogs have not been permitted on area beaches. Starting July 15, 2018, there will be a six-month trial for dogs on the sandy area between Fourth Street and 16th Street. Dogs must have up to date registrations and immunizations and they must remain leashed (six-foot leash required.) Humans must clean up after their dogs or once again, dogs will not be allowed on the beach.

Lori Wilson Park Dog Park

This dog park opened in July 2006. Located in the grassy area between Atlantic Avenue and the parking lot near the south entrance of Lori Wilson Park.

Reader Notes:

"I take my dogs there on a regular basis and I find that the dogs in the big dog park are all friendly and very playful, and they love being there. If a bad dog comes in and causes trouble, etc., the owner is asked to take him out immediately. Some of the owners in the big dog area have donated funds for new pallets of sod, and Parks and Rec. were kind enough to lay it down. The little dog area is also kept very nicely, and the dog owners have donated one or two trees. There are kiddie pools provided for both little and big dogs and running water is available for the dogs to drink."

"Due to cuts in spending, the dog park is no longer ‘supervised'. There is no longer a fee because there is no one there to collect. I see it like swimming with no lifeguard, go at your own risk. As long as visitors police themselves and their dog(s) appropriately, all is well."

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks, beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities in the Cocoa Beach/Brevard County area, please contact

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