Coconut Creek Dog Parks

Coconut Creek

1. Broward County parks

Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed to visit all Broward County Parks except Hollywood North Beach Park (beachside) and the following Nature Centers: Anne Kolb, Secret Woods, Fern Forest, Tall Cypress, Hillsboro Pineland, and Deerfield Island.

2. Tradewinds Park

Located at 3600 W. Sample Road. This park has pooper scooper stations and plastic bags.

Reader Notes:

"It's a pretty park, a great place to go for a walk on a shady boardwalk and have your dog chase a frisbee in a wide open area. There is a large lake at Tradewinds Park. Dogs don't usually swim in the lake though. There is a north and a south entrance to the park. The north entrance offers horse back riding and a nice playground for children to enjoy. The south entrance also has a nice playground for kids."

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