Debary Dog Parks


1. Gemini Springs Dog Park

This park opened in June, 2005. Located inside the Gemini Springs Park, 37 Dirksen Drive, a quarter-mile west of U.S. 17-92. The dog park is just north of the west parking lot.

Three acres have been set aside for canines out of the Gemini Springs Park's total 210-acres. The dog park also offers a fence, two separate sections, one for dogs less than 25 pounds and another for larger animals. It has shady areas with benches, picnic tables, canine water fountains, dog wash stations and parking. Hours: sunrise to sunset.

Reader Notes:

"It was a wonderful dog park, lots of trees and areas to explore. Plenty of benches and picnic tables make it a cozy and relaxing place to spend quality time with our pups. This park was well maintained and clean, very much worth a visit."

" was really nice. Very shady and well maintained. The dogs had a great time. One bit of advice would be to bring some bug repellent. The mosquitos weren't too bad, but it would have helped. Guess the bugs like the shade also!"

"Talk about a nice park. It's very clean, very well kept, roomy, grassy and well shaded with nice patches of sun. The entrance and exit are well organized. There's a cool 'woods' in the middle of the park for dogs to explore. Poop bag stations are well supplied with rolls of bags. Drinking water stations are clean. Waste cans were emptied often because there is no waste odor. I didn't see one unclaimed poop anywhere. Thank you DeBary, you have it working for the dogs!"

2. Volusia County parks

Pets are welcome at county parks (in addition to those listed above) as long as they are kept leashed and under control. Guardians must clean up after their pet and aggressive animals should be left at home.

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