Dog-friendly yards for all kinds of weather

By Sally Perkins

Florida may be nicknamed the "Sunshine State" but that doesn’t mean the weather is always perfect. In fact, the average rainfall in the state in 201 7 was 58.52inches. As any dog guardian will know, hounds love the great outdoors. Therefore, it’s essential to create a happy, friendly and safe yard for them to enjoy, no matter the weather. When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor space for your pooch, don’t forget to utilize the services of your nearest Florida pet sitter if needed while you complete the work.

Keeping it cool 

According to Holiday Weather, the average temperature during July and August in Florida is 82 degrees, although it’s not uncommon for temperatures to peak at 91 degrees or hotter during this time of the year. In hot weather, dogs need a cool, shady place to relax to prevent heat-related illnesses from occurring. Installing a concrete base is a great way to provide a cool area for your pooch as, even when direct sunlight hits concrete for hours on end, it doesn’t heat up. However, it’s recommended you take good care of your new patio by using a sealer to enhance its durability and longevity. To ensure your dog enjoys an even comfier summer, erect a sun canopy over the concrete for maximum sun protection and to help shelter him from the rain.

Training and breaks 

A grassed area is a necessary location for a dog's bathroom and a place to learn tricks on. While it is possible to teach a pup to toilet on paved or concreted areas, most tend to prefer using grass. And, as it can take 4-6 months to fully train a puppy to do his business on the grass, you may need to call on a professional dog trainer in Florida to help train your dog to go elsewhere. Furthermore, training on grass is a much more enjoyable experience as a well looked-after lawn is fun to play on and provides a soft landing for your pet’s delicate paws when he shows off his new jumping trick.

Dogs in Florida have the luxury of multiple of dog-friendly attractions where they’re welcome across the state. However, when it’s time to head home, the yard should be an enjoyable and relaxing place for your pooch to explore at his own leisure. You can ensure it’s suitable for all types of weather by laying the right foundations and providing the best facilities.

Photo by alan King on Unsplash

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