Flagler Beach Dog Parks

Flagler Beach

1. Bark Park

Located at 711 John Anderson Highway, on the grounds of the Bed & Biscuit Inn. On the right, before going over the bridge. To get to Bed N Biscuit, from I95, east on RT 100, turn right on John Anderson, Bed N Biscuit is on the left about a mile. Open dawn to dusk.

Reader Notes:

"It has a swimming pool and for $5 dollars a day your dog can swim."

2. Flagler County Dog Park

Located inside Wadsworth Park, located on Route 100, which is Moody Blvd., and not far from the Bed N Biscuit Inn listed above. The dog park is a 60,000 square foot fenced facility within the 45-acre county park where dogs can run off leash. Offers sections for large and small dogs and provides benches for the humans.

Reader Notes:

"From I 95, go east towards Flagler Beach. On the left, just before going over the Flagler Beach bridge, follow the park road back to the soccer fields. You must walk along the woods on the left to find the dog park. There are signs, but they are not always visible. Or you can turn left onto John Anderson off Route 100, then after about a half mile, you will see the dog park on your right. You can park off the road. There is water. Nice park."

3. Beaches in Flagler County

Update of 03-27-11: Leashed pets are permitted on all beaches in unincorporated Flagler County, including the Hammock area. In Flagler Beach, pets are allowed, except the area that includes the pier. Pets are not permitted on Flagler Beach between the intersections of North 10th Street and State Road A1A and South 10th Street and A1A.

"Enjoying a sunrise on Flagler Beach with a pal."
This beautiful photo reflects the enjoyment one can find with his or her dog on many Florida beaches. Photo by Shaneen Kohler of Ocala, during a visit to the Whale Watch Motel.
Reader Notes:

"Flagler Beach does allow dogs on the beach proper. The only 'no dog area' is near the pier. Safe bets are to consider anything from 10th Street North to 10th Street South on A1A in Flagler Beach as the 'No Dog Zone.' There are public beach accesses at almost every block. Dogs must be leashed and it is expected for owners to clean up after their pets (scoop the poop!)"

"There are places designated for pets [on Flagler County beaches.] You just have to look at the signs at the top of the steps to the beach. Naturally, the signs with the dog in the circle with a diagonal line through it shows what area are not right for pets, but just continue down and you'll find the pet-friendly areas."

The reader lives in the Ocala area and said, in case someone would like to know, the best route to take from the Ocala area to Flagler Beach is Hwy. 40 East, then take SR 11 North, which turns into 100, goes under Interstate 95, and then turns into Moody.

"At the end of Moody is the road that runs along the beach," she said. "We turned left at this point and just drove slowly, looking for the 'Pet Friendly' signs."

Web Mistress Note

We have been told items 2 and 3 above are not the same.

"Item number 2 is an off-leash county dog park - there is no beach area. It is quite nice, though, with a water hose and buckets for the dogs, separate small-dog and large-dog play areas, a few trees for small pieces of shade, and benches and chairs for the people. It sits beside a large soccer field, but is surrouned by trees on three sides (you can see John Anderson Road through the trees, on one side).

"Item number 3 is referencing several areas on the beach where dogs are allowed on-leash. Pretty much the only parts of the public beaches where dogs aren't allowed are near the pier and areas where life-guards are present. Marineland, north of Flagler Beach, also allows dogs on-leash."

Web Mistress Note:

We believe this is the same area listed in item number 2 above. Sometimes a resident will write us about a location, providing one set of directions then, a visitor will write us about the same location, providing another set of directions according to their knowledge of the area. So, if this is indeed the same area, would someone let us know? Thanks!

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