Ft. Pierce Dog Parks

Ft. Pierce

1. Walton Rocks Beach

Located on A1A, south of the St. Lucie Power Plant, 6.3 miles north of the Jensen Beach Causeway on Hutchinson Island. Off-leashe dogs are permitted. We are told this is a nice, untouched beach with no life guards, the southern most beach in St. Lucie County. Offers bathrooms and showers, free parking, good fishing, covered picnic tables and restrooms.

Web Mistress note: We spoke with St. Lucie county staff and they told us this is the only pet-friendly beach in the county. However, they said, St. Lucie is one of only two counties in Florida that offer annual permits for private horseback riding on the beach. We were also told there are presently no dog parks in the county.
Reader Notes:

"Great beach, just spent two weeks in the area visiting family, went to this beach six times! It was the best. My Italian Greyhound loved it, it was not crowded at all, two occasions we were the only people/dog on the beach, The most active day on the beach saw approximately five dogs and 10 people. This beach is fairly long, even on a busy day, it would offfer lots of room to spread out. It is a must stop for me any time I am in the area."

"Some people access Hutchenson Park via Pt. St. Lucie. I give this area 5 paws up."

"...we had a fabulous time! It is a beautiful beach, although a bit hard to find...They provide poop bags and there are picnic tables and clean restrooms. I will definitely go back. The only bad thing was a woman with a dog on a leash. The dog pooped on the beach and instead of using the bags provided, she just buried the poop. And then people wonder why there are so few dog friendly beaches in Florida!"

"This area does not require leashes and there is a maximum three dogs per person allowed. Also, guardians are required to pick up after their dogs and, even though leashes are not required, dogs must be kept under control at all times."

2. "Wildcat Cove"

Located on North Hutchinson Island in Ft Pierce, about 1 mile north of the north causeway on A1A across the street from the beach.

One of our readers advised us of this area in July, 2011. She said it is a 3-mile loop around a mosquito control area, basically a single lane dirt road that forms a peninsula. There are several piers along the walk for fishing etc. They have poop bags, but no other amenities. It is adjacent to Pepper Park where there are restrooms. It has been opened for a few years and is a very nice walk when it isn't too hot.

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Ft. Pierce/St. Lucie County areas, please contact FloridaPets.net.

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