How To Ask Schools and Churches to Teach Compassion Toward All God’s Creatures 

How To Ask Schools and Churches to Teach Compassion
Toward All God’s Creatures 

By Patricia Stephens, Owner,

Below is a sample letter, ready for you to fill in the blanks, sign, and send. 

Dear _______:
(Name of the school administrator, church minister, etc.)

Our little ones are so full of love. What better time than their youthful days to teach them compassion and respect for all creatures, great and small.

Over the past three decades, researchers have been noting an increased link between violence towards animals and violence towards people. Indeed we have all heard the theory that serial killers first took the life of a family pet before moving on to human prey.

Children involved in domestic violence often have to watch as their pets are injured, sometimes even killed, as “punishment” to the child for taking the mother’s side in a conflict.  In turn, abused children may act out in an aggressive fashion against their very own pets, which they perceive as more vulnerable than themselves. The cycle continues and usually involves every living creature in the household.

Churches and schools are perfect training venues in this respect because when teaching and practicing compassion and empathy towards children and animals, we help produce a more compassionate, less violent society.

It is hoped children are learning some of this compassion at home – if they are not living in an abusive situation as described above. Learning how to treat other children and how to care, handle and nurture animals, are an important part of any lesson in compassion, gentleness, and empathy toward others.

Schools and churches can augment such teachings; sometimes they are the ONLY source of such teachings. The result is a generation capable of love for humans and animals and ready to teach subsequent generations the compassion they learned at a young age.

By teaching compassion - early and often - we can make a difference. If we make a difference, even in the life of one child who would have become the abused,  or a teenager who would have become the aggressor, in the life of one adult imprisoned for violence against another, and in the life of one animal which would have become the tortured or innocent victim, the extra work will be worthwhile.

To that end, I would like to propose a series of lectures, to be given at after-school programs or youth group meetings, to teach the basics of gentle cat and dog care, the importance of spaying and neutering one's pet, and the how to's of compassion toward all animals.

I have resources with lesson plans made up which teachers can use as part of the current lesson plans and which easily incorporate the ideas of compassion and responsibility toward all creatures, great and small.  May I send them along to you today?


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