How to choose the best food for your dog

Everyone's pet is made differently with different tastes and nutritional needs. The best diet for one pooch may be different for another. A combination of good judgment and research is needed to choose the very best dog food for your pooch. Start by doing your research on dog nutrition and the types of foods available.

What makes a good dog food?

Dogs evolved from wolves that survived mainly on meat. Today's pet food consists mainly of prepackaged, preserved foods. The dry foods come in bags, while the wet foods come in cans. Many are formulated with vitamins and minerals along with additives and chemicals that are not all healthy for dogs. Also, many nutrients are lost in the process of making food that goes into prepackaged containers.

Both animal nutritionists and pet guardians believe that the best type of food is all natural. This doesn't include packaged food that's made in factories and designed to sit on store shelves for months. Include more raw or lightly cooked fresh foods, such as vegetables, meats, oils or some dairy. Cook most of the food to avoid the spread of viruses or bacteria like Salmonella. In addition, dogs can survive on some human leftovers, like eggs or carrots, but not all human foods are healthy for them.

What is in dog food?

Every pet food brand has different ingredients. Pet parents should not assume that all foods contain the same ones. Some products contain ground wheat, animal fat, meat, and bone meal and rice. Others are designed for more health-conscious owners and contain vegetarian, organic or pasteurized ingredients.

What nutrition do dogs need?

Dogs require many of the same vitamins and nutrients as humans. They cannot achieve all of their health needs by eating dry or canned foods. They need fresh, raw or lightly cooked foods with the nutrients preserved. Include variety in their meals to prevent allergies and allow them to benefit from different sources.

Create high-protein, low-carb diets that consist mainly of meat. Dogs become obese like humans from eating too many carbs. If you feed them lots of carbs, include regular exercise so they avoid gaining weight.

Choosing the best dog diet is not about cost or popularity alone. Consider the nutritional value of a product your pet will have no choice but to eat. Become more prepared to shop for the best brands and products.

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