How to make a natural flea shampoo for dogs

How to make a natural flea shampoo for dogs

Gather the following ingredients:

1 Tbs. colloidal oatmeal (available at most pharmacies)

28 oz. hot water

1 Tbs. aloe vera juice (available in health food stores)

4 oz. pet shampoo (concentrated, biodegradable and hypoallergenic)

2 Tbs. orange peel oil (available in health food stores)

2 vitamin E tablets (available in any pharmacy)

An empty spray or squirt bottle

Combine the oatmeal and hot water, stir until dissolved. Stir in the aloe vera juice. In a separate container, mix the pet shampoo and orange peel oil. Squeeze in the vitamin E tablets, stir well, add to the oatmeal mixture. After the entire mixture is combined, pour into a spray or squirt bottle for easy storage and dispensing. This shampoo will not only help ward off fleas, it will re-moisturize your dog’s coat, especially helpful in Florida’s heat. 

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