Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Staying in Budget

Your pets are a part of the family, and they deserve the best care, including nutritious meals, proper grooming and lots of exercise. They also need excellent health care and medications. All of these things add up and can put a strain on the family budget. One way to hold down costs is to find ways to save on medications. Pet owners need to take advantage of the discount deals for pet medication found online and other resources available to them.

Veterinarian Costs

When your pet is ill, a trip to the veterinarian is often necessary. And while you don't begrudge the vet a fair price for their services, the cost of their care has gone up in recent years, in part because of advanced diagnostic and treatment options. The only way you can reduce these costs is to shop for vets who give quality care at a lower price. Of course, you may love your vet too much to consider a change, so you need to look for savings elsewhere.

You can save money by shopping around for pet medications. According to Forbes, most vets mark up their medications by a hefty amount, some up to 160 percent. Pet owners will often buy meds from their vet for convenience sake or because their pet is in dire need of medication right away. In most instances, medication purchased online offer prices that are drastically lower than what your vet charges.

Online Medications

You know that your pets are going to need certain medications every year. For instance, your dogs and cats will require heartworm medication to ward off that often deadly illness. Buying from your vet will be quite expensive, and even purchasing OTC meds from a discount store can hurt your wallet. Going online allows you to buy preventative medications more cheaply. You can also sign up for services like autoship so that you never run out of needed medications and be forced to pay a high price locally. You can also save more money by buying a six-month supply or more of these meds. Just make certain that the online pharmacy is accredited by the Pharmacy association.

When you vet prescribes medication, you can have that prescription sent to an online pet pharmacy and have the order expedited so your pet doesn't wait days for their meds. You may have to buy a pill or two from the vet while you wait for the rest, but the bulk can be delivered quickly and inexpensively.

Low-Cost Help

If you cannot afford even discounted medication for your pet, some philanthropic organizations will help you get what you need. You can visit the Humane Society's online site for a list of places that will help in your state. Also, if you live near a veterinarian school, you may have access to a clinic that helps low-income pet owners.

Also, do not hesitate to ask your vet for help if you are in a financial crunch. Sometimes, your vet will match the prices offered at an online pet pharmacy to help you and your pet. If they aren't willing to help you through a difficult time, you probably need to look for a new vet, anyway.

Pet medications such as Heartgard Plus can be frightfully expensive, but before you buy them at your vet, try looking online or asking your vet for a deal. If neither of those options work, look for a local organization that will help. No one wants your pet to suffer needlessly.

Listed below are some helpful resources that can provide some guidance for those looking for helpful information on pet supplies.


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