Kissimmee Dog Parks


1. Partin Triangle Park dog park

Located off Neptune Road, between Kissimmee and St Cloud. It offers 2 sections; one for dogs under 30 pounds and the other for dogs over 30 pounds. There is plenty of shade and several automatic water bowls.

Reader Notes:

"This park has two fenced in areas for small and large dogs, water fountains for the dogs, plenty of trees and shade as well as benches. Quite nice."

"At present, there is no lake or pools for dogs to play in. There are no hoses to wash your dogs if they play in the mud, so bring a towel and a blanket for your car. For the most part, the same people seem to go there so all the dogs know each other and everyone is friendly. This used to just have a kids playground tennis courts, etc., and now they're fenced off an area for dogs. They also provide bags to clean up after the dogs."

2. Mill Slough Park

Located on Agate. To get there, go east on Boulder Rd off of Michigan. Michigan runs north and south off of U.S. 192. Take Boulder down a few blocks until you get to Agate. Turn left onto Agate and the dog park is at the dead end of the road.

Reader Notes:

"This was my first experience with a dog park and, as the others have noted, this park isn't located in the most appealing neighborhood (bars on windows and doors of many of the homes) but the park itself is in a nice open location. There is a working dog fountain, one concrete bench under a large shade tree, a fire hydrant, four 4-foot diameter concrete pipes and a 'playground duck and turtle' within the main fenced area. There is also an adjoining dog run which I used to make sure my newly adopted dog would be friendly before I let him in the main park."

"Very quiet. Disposal bags available. Neighborhood going into area not great, but quite the oasis back under the trees. We brought our own toys & water. For someone who is deed-restricted and cannot fence in their backyard - a nice place to let your dog run free. No frills."

"This park is horrible and dangerous and I will never return."

"I have been to this dog park, but I would not really call it a park. It is a small fenced in area with no water stations and it is not in the best of neighborhoods. To be honest I would never return - it was a dump! There were no other dogs there it was just me and my friend and our dogs. It was very disappointing."

Web Mistress Note: Anyone living in this area who might be interested in helping to turn this facility in a nicer dog park should contact the city and/or county's parks and recreation department.

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