Leesburg Dog Parks


1. City of Leesburg Dog Park

Located at the corner of Silver Lake Road and College Drive, right across from Lake/Sumter Community College. Offers separate areas for small and large dogs, shaded areas, benches, a water fountain for dogs, as well as a shower for feet. Leashes must be left outside.

Reader Notes:

"This park is really well done. It's very nice."

2.Dog Power Dog Park (Also known as PEAR Park)

Located at 5336 University Avenue, Leesburg, in the Palatlakaha Environmental and Agricultural Reserve, between Leesburg and Florida's Turnpike off U.S. Highway 27 and one mile south of County Road 48 at the west end of University Avenue. This dog park was organized by a Girl Scout as her community service project!

Reader Notes:

"The park now has 5 separate fenced areas for small, medium, large, mixed sizes and disabled pets and/or owners. There is also an on site wash station."

"Each area has a double-gated entrance; dogs can't run out when others come in. There's also fresh drinking water, cleanup stations, and fire hydrants in each area. For the humans, readers tell us there are shade trees, benches and even a walkway. The whole dog park area is enclosed with colorful fencing adorned with shapes of dogs."

"Thanks to Trudy Ports, a Lake County volunteer, an off-leash, totally supervised dog park was opened September, 2003 near Okahumka, Florida, just south of Leesburg, south of County Hwy 48, off Hwy 27. The road to it, University Avenue, is just north of Spanish Village. The park is located at 5336 University Avenue.

"Dog [guardians] must present proof of shots at their first visit and of course each human is responsible for cleaning up after their pet and keeping their pet under control. It is a marvelous social atmosphere for both pets and people.

"The park is divided for large and small dogs and aggressive dogs are not permitted. There is a high degree of safety involved and fresh water is brought in by the volunteers. We are hoping the success of the park leads to a bigger, better location. It is currently funded by donations from the patrons."

"This park also has 313-acres of land, a 1.3-mile river trail, a Xeriscape garden, which is a water-conserving method of landscaping that works well in Florida's climate, a butterfly garden and a nature trail and center. The dog park is open seven days a week, from dawn to dusk. It also offers canopies for shade, bench seating, and potty bags. Friends of the Park volunteers help Animal Services and Lake County Parks and Recreation Department monitor the park. For information about Friends of the Park, call 352-408-7364."

"This is a really nice place that's open and out of the way. We discovered a river hiking trail outside the park and we will definitely return to the P.E.A.R. park."

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Leesburg area, please contact FloridaPets.net.

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