Lutz Dog Parks


Carolyn Meeker Dog Park

This park opened 10-29-07. Located off US 41 and Lutz Lake Fern Road. The 2-acre park has a small dog section and a large dog section as well as a time out spot. Resident dog lovers have a local elementary school to thank for this park. It started as a class project in 2005 and the fifth grade students involved did all the leg work with surveys and research and presenting the idea to county commissioners.

Reader Notes:

"It is located near the intersection of Lutz Lake Fern Road and 41, across from the Lutz Library. Across the street from the library on Lutz Lake Fern Road is Second Street. Take Second Street until it dead ends into the dog park."

"The park has "separate large and small dog areas, water for humans and dogs and benches - very nice."

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