Mango Dog Parks


Mango Dog Park

Located on Clay Pit Road. Exit I-4 at Thonotossa Exit, go south 1 mile to traffic light at Clay Pit Road, turn left, park at recreation center. Dog Park is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Has separate small dog area, some trees, dog wash station, handy parking, phones, restrooms, trash cans, water.
Reader Notes:

"We were dogging sitting my brother's cocker spaniel and was looking for a dog park near our house and thanks to your website, we found the dog park in Mango. Although we weren't able to get into the dog park (my son was 3 and Hillsborough Parks and Rec had a sign posted that kids must be 6 and older to enter the dog park), the park was very big and accomodating with water play for both large and small sized dogs. It does have a kid park right next door that allowed dogs with a 6ft leash so we went over there for a little bit before returning home and letting our dog run around our yard to let off some energy."

"There are now many aggressive pit bulls visiting this park and people have been known to drop the dogs off and leave them. I had heard of a dog getting their leg torn off by a stray pit bull that was left there and of two other dogs getting killed. I have been there a few times myself and have seen many pit bull mixes that are very aggressive. We now go to Ott's where it's much safer."

"It is a very nice dog park, well taken care of and is set up really well for the dogs."

"...The Mango Dog Park is as good as a dog park that you'll find anywhere. There are bathrooms for the people and a dog fountain for the dogs. There are two areas for the dogs to refresh themselves in little pools brought in by owners. There are also picnic tables in shaded areas for the dogs and owners to relax on."

"The park is great, with a large running area, watering holes, and a separate large and small dog area."

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