Miami Beach Dog Parks

Miami Beach

1. South Beach

Not technically a dog beach, but people do walk their dogs on the beach and on Ocean Drive after sundown. However, caution is suggested as far as walking dogs on the boardwalk area, as some people have been ticketed for doing so.

Note: Responsible Dog Owners of Miami Beach has petitioned the city government for a 75 feet dog beach to use, supposedly, in place of this area. The group was supposed to have met with city officials and tour North Shore Open Space Park Beach, with the intention of finding a good place for dogs and their people. We have no further info about this. If anyone knows the outcome of this meeting, please drop us a line.

2. Flamingo Bark Park

This park will be closed from April 12 through April 30 for improvements, including a new fence, irrigation, and more.

Located in Flamingo Park, at the corner of Michigan Avenue and 13th Street. This is supposedly the first dog park in Miami Beach. Offers two separate dog areas, running water, benches, agility equipment and parking. For more info, call 305-673-7766.
3. Pine Tree Bark Park

Located in Pinetree Park, at 4400 Pine Tree Drive and 45th Street. Offers two large, separate and fenced areas where large and small dogs can run and play; also offers running water.

Reader Notes:

"I am disappointed in this park in that although there are 2 fenced off-leash play areas they only allow access to 1 at a time-locking up the gate to the 2nd. Because of this small dogs are forced to have to play with large dogs trampling all over an area too small for everyone to be in. I have witnessed many, many instances where small dog owners have had to run and pick up their small dogs when packs of large dogs have ganged up on them in the course of play.....I myself have had to do this as well. This is a dangerous arrangement that the City of Miami Beach is creating with this policy and I believe your readers need to be aware of it. We'd like to have the City of Miami Beach open both of their runs at the same time. Otherwise, I will not take my ten pound Yorkie there if I see any large dogs at play as it is simply too dangerous."

4. South Pointe Park

Located at Washington Avenue and Southpointe Drive. This is a 17.5-acre park that offers walkways and playground equipment. While dogs are permitted, they must be leashed. Responsible Dog Owners of Miami Beach is pushing for an off-leash area for dogs within this park.

5. Belle Isle Park

Located on Island Avenue on Belle Isle.

6. Washington Avenue Bark Park

Located at 201 2nd Street.

7. Pet Friendly Beachwalk

This is a pilot program worked out between the Responsible Dog Owners (RDOs) of Miami Beach and the City of Miami Beach. The RDOs have made this a "pet" project, recently getting an extension to the trial period originally given the program. Members and other dog guardians using the paved public trail must work earnestly to show the city they can maintain this area to be clean and safe for all who wish to use it - or the program will end. Disposable plastic clean up bags are available along the trail - please use them!

8. Possibilities, possibilities...

Readers tell us Miami Beach is thinking about creating a dog beach, like the ones in Hollywood Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We'll keep you updated.

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Miami Beach area, please contact

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