Miami Springs Dog Parks

Miami Springs

1. Dog Park

Located between Royal Poinciana Drive, Quail, Dove, and Shadow Way with the parking area accessed off Royal Poinciana, across from Miami Springs Senior High School at 751 Dove Avenue. For those not familiar with the area, we are told Miami Springs is a separate municipality, but contiguous with the actual City of Miami and so, we have listed this dog park under Miami Springs.

Reader Notes:

"This is not a friendly dog park to large breed dogs, even though there is a small dog are for little ones, the owners rather them in the big dog area, and when big dogs and little dogs play together it a pretty good chance someone is going to get their feelings hurt. And then the small dog owners accuse the large dog owners of have aggressive dogs. Large breed owner are unable to bring the pets in without harassing comments and constant badgering. It is very disappointing have to deal with things like this when you are trying to have a nice day with your pet."

"It has three cleanup stations, a so-far inoperative fountain, and a picnic bench under one of only two trees actually inside the fencing. There's a proto-parking area not quite finished yet, and a small-dog area with a separate entrance off the parking area in addition to the gate between the two sections. Until the lot is done (it needs driveways), parking is at the opposite corner of the recreation area (Shadow Way and Dove Av.), as legal parking is not allowed along the edge of Quail Avenue. It has the overall appearance of 'we'll get to that', as far as adding amenties."

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