Dog Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Pooch Paradise! Dog-Friendly Outdoor Spaces
By Sally Perkins
You know that dogs love the outdoors. The intense curiosity of a dog in the great outdoors is a fantastic, endearing and sometimes hilarious sight to owners as they snuffle out every last smell and sense in the wilderness.


The great news is that you can create a heaven for dogs within the bounds of your own property with minimum fuss. There are just two steps -  making sure your dog’s safe and introducing fun elements for him or her.
Safety First
The first step to creating a dog-friendly garden is to double-check for safety. Do your research and make sure any existing poisonous plants in your garden are identified and culled. Furthermore, make sure you don’t bring in any extra ones.
Avoid strong fertilizers and pesticides at all costs. Even cleaners can be a problem. Lots of chemicals found in these sorts of substances are highly toxic, even if they’re not to humans (or only mildly harmful). Again, make sure you’re aware of what your dog shouldn’t be ingesting and keep it out of your green spaces.
Create The Trail
Dogs love to work by instinct, and you might notice in a plain, green space, they’ll spend much time patrolling the fence of the garden - that’s because dogs follow their instinct, body language, and a little common sense. If you’re able to demonstrate a route to your dog, the dog will follow your point and have that much more fun exploring the paths and routes in your home territory.
Digging Territory
Potholes in the lawn caused by a too-eager hound are most homeowner’s nightmare - so don’t worry, we’re not encouraging that you let your dog loose on your lawn. There’re two important ideas here when it comes to digging. First, you may want to discourage your dog from digging under the fence and escaping by using tall, deep-rooted plants and negative reinforcement around the area. Secondly, you could design digging spots, using deep earth with fragrant smells to attract your dog and get the furry friend’s energy out there.
Following on from that previous point, get some smells going in your green spaces. Dogs love various scents and have an extremely keen sense of smell. In fact, dogs recognize each other via smell. You can make all of your property and garden an attractive proposition for your dog by introducing plenty of curiosity-inducing scents.
All it takes is a little research, imagination, and love for your best friend to ensure they have a fun yet safe garden to play in. So, go create a heavenly oasis for your fur baby - they'll love you for it!

Above photo by Tim Golder on Unsplash

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