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Note of 05-09-11: We hear there's a group called "Sandy Paws" that's organizing to work with Brevard County officials to allow dogs on county beaches. We'll report more on this as we get more info.

1. BARK is not a dog park, rather a political action committee. The purpose of BARK is to work to amend the current county bans on dogs on the beaches of Palm Beach so that there are at least a couple of beaches where dogs can be welcomed with their people. Interested persons can sign the petition on the site above and learn how to get involved.

2. Palm Beach Island

One of our readers advised us this is a dog friendly beach with bags to pick up after dogs and trash cans. The beach is along North Ocean Blvd. between Sunrise Avenue and Wells Road. There are only a few beach access points and the parking is only 1 or 2 hours 1 to 2 blocks from the beach.

Reader Notes:

"The sign at the Southern most access point is a little missleading. The first sign says pick up after your dog and keep it on a leash with the bag despenser next to it and below that is a no dogs allowed sign. The other beach access points have signs to pick up after your dog and keep it on a leash along with a bag despenser and trash can, the bags are not stocked very well so bringing your own bags is a must. It is a nice quiet dog friendly beach, not too many people or dogs."

3. North Palm Beach Pet Park

Located in the fenced section of Anchorage Park at 603 Anchorage Drive. To get there, go one block north of Northlake Boulevard, then go west (from US1) on S. Anchorage, street winds through neighborhoods and it's right next to a yellow community center. A very nice area, very natural, where dogs are allowed. This area is for both small and large dogs and has running water.

Reader Notes: A kind reader provides a generous amount of additional information about this park and we are very grateful:

"In North Palm Beach (Palm Beach County) there's a dog park in a residential area on S. Anchorage Drive by the old water tower. There's a children's playground and tennis court in front (street-side) so you may not notice it immediately. Our dogs know EXACTLY where it is when we 'chauffeurs' get anywhere in the vicinity. Furry necks get stretched to their 'outer limits', heads pop out the window and you HEAR them wondering: 'who's gonna be there tonight?' Owners almost get dragged across the yard when one of their 'buddies' is spotted. It would be remiss not to mention the ever enthusiastic 'greeting committee' which torpedoes to the gate to welcome each one.

"Amenities: 2 automatic water stations (donated by a local dog treat company), hose, poop bags are available but we donate our newspaper/grocery store bags just to be sure there's a good supply, double (security) gate at the entrance and 2 other single gate entrances, 6' chain link fence, 3 metal picnic tables, 3 new benches, one shaded (by trees) area - not much other shade, long dog run area and lots of VERY happy tail wagers of all sizes.

"There are the "regulars" who come every night and people actually watch their dogs intently to make sure nothing goes askew.

"North Palm Beach plans to renovate the entire park (boat ramp, volleyball, tennis courts, playground and, of course, the dog park), but it's still in the planning stages. When that's done there will be a large and small dog section. At present - everyone is together. When it gets separated - SOME of the small dogs are insisting on remaining with their larger friends. These little guys are fearless and their counterparts welcome the camaraderie. It just wouldn't be the same without 'MoePie' (long haired Jack Russell) jumping over or under his much larger friends or even purposely sticking his head in their mouths!

"Rules: The usual rules apply - we humans must immediately pick up after our 'kids', dogs must be at least 6 months old and neutered, owners are to be responsible and leave immediately if a scuffle ensues."

Reader Notes: Our research reveals expansions planned at this park, which will include additional parking and another dog park area for small dogs. The expansion could take up to two years to complete.

A kind reader tells us this a decent park, although a bit on the small side. She said the area is not connected with any type of beach. It is located next to a childrens playground and has a dog wash.

4. MacArthur Beach State Park

Located at 10900 State Road 703 (A1A) in North Palm Beach. Open daily, 8 a.m. to sundown. Entrance fee of $4.00 per vehicle. Pets are permitted in this park if on a 6-foot leash. They are not permitted on the beach.

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Palm Beach area, please contact

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