Pet Friendly Florida Politicians


Pet-Friendly Florida Politicians

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NOTE: This page was updated 4/19/18.

Fortunately, issues about pets are usually some of the most bipartisan matters dealt with in Tallahassee or on Capitol Hill. Since lawmakers have a huge say about pet issues, it behooves us to know which politicians are pet-friendly - and which ones are not. People with pets are voters with pets. Here at, we've been researching this matter and have compiled some information for your consideration in future elections.

On the Federal Level

The Humane Society of the United States puts out a yearly Humane Scorecard in which they rank each Senator and Representative on a 1-100 scale. Take a quick look at the 2017 Humane Scorecard for the 115th Congress and see how your particular state's lawmakers are doing.

Animal lovers will probably be frustrated with the two politicians Florida has sent to Washington. Marco Rubio (R) scored 0/100 on the Humane Scorecard and Bill Nelson (D) scored 42/100. You can check the Scorecard for more specifics on what actions- or lack of actions -  led to Rubio and Nelson's low scores.

On the State Level

How to Keep Track of What is Going On

1. Keep track of any bills in the Florida House of Representatives dealing with pets, animals, etc., by entering those words in "bill text" box - leave everything else blank.

2. Keep track of any bills in the Florida Senate dealing with pets, animals, etc., by entering those words in the "Search Bill Text" (on the left column.)

3. Keep track of your lawmakers.

I could spend a couple of hours at You can enter a politician's name and call up their biography, their voting record, their positions, public statements, committees, and much more. This is the kind of information voters rarely have when marking their ballots.

Here is the contact information for Florida State Legislators:

Senate: The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399, 850-487-5270
Website: The Florida Senate

House: The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399, 850-488-1234
Website: Florida House of Representatives

On the Local Level

We'll leave this category open for suggestions from people living in different areas of Florida. Readers want to hear about politicians across the Sunshine State who are actively working to help the lives of animals of all sorts, from dogs to alligators. If you think your lawmaker's name should be here, please write me and tell me why they deserve to be known as "animal-friendly" and I'll list them here.

Miscellaneous Resources

1. Dog Politics

This is a quirky blog, offering lots of resources relating to dogs and politicians.

2. Party for the Animals isn't a fundraiser; it's a "virtual" yet real U.S. political action group established in 2010 to help advance animal welfare by influencing actions within our two-party political system.

Editor's Note: So, there you go! We hope this information will prove helpful to our readers. If there's a name here that should not be included, if you know of someone who should be added to this list, or if there is any incorrect information anywhere on this list, please write us.



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