Pompano Beach Dog Parks

Pompano Beach

1. Canine Corner

Pompano's first no-leash dog park is located on the corner of Federal Highway and SE 10th Street. Entry to the dog park, the benches, water fountains, and the walking path for the small dog area are completed. The dog park organizers are selling bricks to help complete construction. There will be no fee, membership, or admission charge for use of this park. Check the Web site above for more information and a continuing list of events to be held at the dog park to raise money for more benches, landscaping, poop bag stations, and more.

Reader Notes:

"This dog run has been a success. Tons of dogs each day. They have a large and small run..."

"I was excited about the Pompano Beach dog park, but it is not friendly toward medium size dogs. I have three dogs and two of them meet the 25 lbs for the small dogs park and the other is 33 lbs. The 25 lb and the 33 lb dogs have always been submissive to all dogs, even yorkies, and now they are better but I was told by animal control that one was too big and had to go to the big dog side with the 100 lb dogs. What a setback that would be. He even said I should just bring my dogs one at a time, like I have all day, to the park. He even suggested I bring them when is was a low time or when no one was there which defeats the purpose of the park and to get the dogs socialized. Something needs to do be done so all dogs can enjoy the park and not just the very small dogs and the very large dogs. They should be more concerned about the owners that don't pick up after their dogs."

2. Other area parks

Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed to visit all Broward County parks except the following Nature Centers: Anne Kolb, Secret Woods, Fern Forest, Tall Cypress, Hillsboro Pineland, and Deerfield Island.

3. Beach near Lighthouse
In the past, people have played with their unleashed dogs on the beach next to the lighthouse on Pompano Beach, however, homeowners in this area are trying to keep members of the public off the beach. One of our readers told us this beach is supposedly now "private" and gated. He said unless you are a resident of that neighborhood with a gate access card, you can not get to the beach by the Lighthouse anymore. We are confused by this since beaches in Florida cannot be deemed "private." We spoke with the city commissioner representing this area and she said homeowners do own the property on the oceanside of their land, but only to the high tide mark and anything further than that belongs to the state. She acknowledged there's been an informal practice of romping with dogs on the beach in this area, but, she said, the bottom line is dogs are not allowed on the beach.

However, she said she would be happy if a few citizens got together and got a petition started to present a request to the commission to set aside an area on the beach where dogs were permitted. She felt there would be interest on the commission to do so.

She said one lady had taken such action in the past to form a dog park, but had gotten sick and had not been able to follow through. She said she'd love for someone to pick up that cause as well and petition and request the commission to open a dog park in a separate location than the proposed dog-friendly beach.

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Pompano Beach area, please contact FloridaPets.net.

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