Ponce Inlet Dog Parks

Ponce Inlet

1. Ponce Inlet Volusia County Park

In the photo above, Hank Spring of Port Orange Images captures a bright sunny day on the beach for people and leashed doggies at this county park.

Reader Notes:

"Beware of the prickly burrs here; our pet got quite a number of them and it was difficult to remove them from his fur. The beach area was vey small and there were a number of rocks there. We need someone to lobby for us pet owners to open up more beach property to allow dogs. There seems to be something wrong when they allow cars and not dogs on the beaches."

2. Happy Trails Dog Park

In the photo above, Hank Spring of Port Orange Images captures his fur child, Maggie, at the Happy Trails Dog Park. Maggie is wearing her come-play face - who can resist?

Located at 4680 S. Peninsula Drive, this no-leash dog park was opened 03-23-07. It initially was called the Ponce Inlet Town Dog Park but was later renamed to Happy Trails Dog Park.

Reader Notes:

"[This park] is located next to the fire station and there is also a 'people park' for kids. It features a big dog and little dog section where dogs can play with others their own size."

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Ponce Inlet area, please contact FloridaPets.net.

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