Sanibel Island Dog Park

WebMistress Note: One of our readers tells us Sanibel Island, which is in Lee County, permits dogs on the beaches, but pets must remain on a leash at all times and guardians must pick up after them. Pets are not permitted on nearby Captiva.

1. Gulfside Algiers Beach

Not far from Fort Myers, this beach can only be reached by the Causeway, one of the most beautiful routes in Florida. There's a fee, then you'll have to pay for parking once you get there. Most people say it's worth it. Your dog must be leashed at all time.

2. Bowman's Beach

Reader Notes:

"A wonderful place to take your dogs. They must stay on a leash, but that is not a problem, once you visit you’ll want to return."

"The best bet for dog people in Lee County is to pay the $6.00 toll and go to Sanibel Island. Bowman's Beach is leashed and humans must pick clean up after their dogs."

"This pet-friendly park is big, open, sandy, clean and not too crowded. You can take your dog right onto the beach and right into the ocean. Parking is $2.00 an hour.

"Please mind your dog. This is one of the very few areas on the islands that tolerates pets."

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Sanibel area, please contact

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