Satellite Beach Dog Parks

Satellite Beach

Note: Dogs are not permitted on area beaches. Trust us, there is little tolerance for dogs on public beaches in Brevard County, as reflected by comments we receive from readers and from editorials we read in area media outlets.
Satellite Beach Dog Park

Located at Satellite Beach Sports & Recreation Park next to the public library at 750 Jamaica Boulevard. Hours vary, so check web site before visiting. Features a 6' fenced area on 1.5 acres next to a natural habitat area, double-gated security entrance area, separate fenced small-dog area, tables and benches under shade trees, memorial brick path, dog-wash and drinking water areas, dog toys, kiddie pools, playground equipment, fire hydrants, waste disposal stations, parking and restrooms. This is one of two off leash dog parks in Brevard County; the other is in Melbourne.

Reader Notes:

"The Satellite Beach dog park will go back to its 8am-11am open time for Monday-Friday beginning Saturday, August 1. The weekend days remain the same opening at 8am-7pm."

"The park has great amenities, including drinking fountains and plenty of toys. Doggie pick-up bags were well stocked and located throughout the park. But the best part about our two visits were how friendly the other dog owners were. They chatted with me and each other, and had a relaxed and welcoming attitude to newcomers like us. I highly recommend this park. The city keeps it in great shape, there'splenty to keep dogs amused, and in my experience the people who attend are thoughtful and considerate.

Note from Web Mistress: We've heard additional dog parks are in the planning states for future dates at Lori Wilson Park and at Fay Lake Wilderness Park. We'll try to keep you informed.

NOTE: We can't visit every area on a regular basis, so if you have information about any dog parks or beaches, or any other animal recreation facilities, in the Satellite Beach area, please contact

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