Pet Freebies


Free Stuff for Pets and Their People

Please note the links on this page were last reviewed and/or added to 10/18. Please email us to report any expired links missed between updates. If we've found the freebie within the past month, we've marked it .

Free sample of food for your horse.

Free doodoo bag sample; scroll to bottom of page to request.

Free window alert sticker for your front window and an Animal Poison Control magnet for your frig.

Free dog crafts for kids.

Free pet certificates for the fur kids in your life.

Free in-color, puppy printable writing paper.

Free sample of organic catnip. (Pay small amount for shipping.)

Free cat food and treats, litter, and more when you collect purchase points.

As we surf the net, we'll find and add more freebies, so check back here often. And if you find some you'd like to share with the readers, write me at and I'll post them pronto.


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