Wagging at work with pets

Why you may want a pet-friendly workplace

By Kaylee White with Ghergich & Co. in partnership with Quill

We love our pets, that’s apparent. Just review the numbers when it comes to pet ownership: Now, two out of every three houses have a pet—that’s almost 85 million households. But at the same time, we work—many, many of us about 40 hours a week. So we think about how to plan for our pets’ care when we aren’t around them. That’s included taking advantage of inventive services such as doggie daycare and dog walkers, pet home monitors, and more.

But there’s another thing that’s changing how we take care of our pets, and that’s taking our pets to work. Although it’s not a widely accepted policy for corporations, it’s gaining popularity—or even just discussion. About 11 percent of pet owners are allowed to bring their animals to work with them, and that’s because companies are realizing the benefits. Here’s a graphic that explains them..

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