Ways to boost your pet’s dental health

A review by Patricia Stephens,
Owner, FloridaPets.net

It's February, National Pet Dental Health Month. As the owner of FloridaPets.net and a freelance writer specializing in companion animals, I'm always searching for and sharing ways pet people can better care for their fur kids. One of my best "finds" has been Pet Kiss Oral Care products.

We actually used the Pet Kiss Plaque and Tartar Water Additive in the past and liked it. We haven't used it in a while and I really hadn't thought about it again until we lost Pepper, our sweet 14-year-old poodle, earlier this year to kidney issues. You see, the vet said our boy had gum disease which could have contributed to his kidney problem. Oh, no!

I've read over and over that by age three, 80% of dogs and cats show signs of oral disease which can cause serious health problems. Two of our dogs allowed me to brush their teeth which I have been doing every other day for years. The other dog - our poodle - turned into a werewolf if you put anything near his mouth, so he did not get his teeth brushed.

Since our poodle's dental health may have contributed to his physical decline, I am making it a mission to get the word out about the importance of keeping pets' teeth and gums healthy. As Pepper aged, I had considered - and then rejected - dental cleaning by our veterinarian. I was afraid that at his age anesthesia would be too hard on him. Daily use of two or three Pet Kiss Oral Care products might have benefited Pepper.

Let me tell you about some of Pet Kiss's products that can help you stay on top of your pet's oral care. They are especially helpful if your pet won't allow you to brush their teeth and you'd like to avoid anesthesia used in dental cleanings at the vet's office. Even if you decide not to use these products, you'll need to stay ahead of gum disease. Please take your pet(s) to the vet on a regular basis for a general check-up, which includes a dental exam.

1. Pet Kiss Natural Clear Water Additive
(Odorless and Tasteless) Blue bottle

Ingredients: Water, zinc, glycerine, citric acid, Vitamin B, Propolis Extract, Ascorbyl Vitamin C.

Use: 3 dogs, in water daily.

Comments: When mixed into our dogs' water, there was no odor. Pet Kiss makes 3 varieties of additives for water and any one of them should be a good start to controlling plaque and tartar.

2. Pet Kiss Plaque & Tartar Control Water Additive
(Alcohol-free, for dogs and cats) Yellow Bottle

Ingredients: An all-natural blend of water, zinc, Vitamin B, vegetable glycerin, and beet extract.

Use: 3 dogs, in water daily.

Comments: I liked this product best because it helps with plague and tartar control. This is Pet Kiss's original formulation. Even though beet extract is part of the mix, there was no odor when mixed in with the dogs' water. My little Doxie, Willie, won't eat something, even if it's his regular food if the smell is off. I have ordered more and resumed daily use for all my dogs.

3. Pet Kiss Brighter Bite Water Additive Plus Whitening

Ingredients: An all-natural blend of zinc, chlorophyll, propolis, grapefruit, and vanilla mint.

Use: 3 dogs, in water daily.

Comments: Has vanilla mint scent and flavor. Therefore Willy, my fussy Doxie, wouldn't go near it.

4. Pet Kiss Brighter Bite Breath

Ingredients: An all-natural blend of parsley seed and sunflower oil - I love that!

Use: 3 dogs, 2 drops for each pup, mixed in with evening meals.

Comments: There's no odor or weird taste here so all the dogs accepted it into their food just fine. I did notice all of them started having better breath after a week so I would use this product on a regular basis.

5. Pet Kiss Brighter Bite Dental Gel Plus Whitening

Ingredients: A natural blend of zinc, chlorophyll, propolis, grapefruit, and vanilla mint.

Use: 3 dogs, one squirt a night. The directions say brushing is not necessary, that it's enough to just get the gel in the pups' mouths which will naturally cover their teeth. So this is good for dogs who don't like the whole teeth brushing thing.

Comments: The dogs didn't seem to mind the taste. Whew! I was afraid it would taste/smell too much of mint for my Doxie. I like the "plus whitening" aspect of this product.

I am not a spokesperson for Pet Kiss (although I should be, right?) You can learn more about all Pet Kiss's products and supplements here. You may decide to use their products, or not, but please - for all the little Peppers out there - use something and be consistent about it.

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