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Pet-Friendly Events

We scour the Internet and get heads up from readers like you about fun activities you can enjoy with your pet. If the event doesn't allow well-behaved pets, we don't post it, even if it's a fundraiser for animal-related efforts.

9/14/2019 **


5 p.m. - 10pm

Next to City Hall in Dania Beach

+ Event Details

9/14/2019 **


Location:   1 Park Ave E, Dania Beach

** Second Saturday of every month 


Held on the second Saturday of each month, this street festival offers live music, local food trucks, art exhibitions and more. The event is held right next to city hall and is free for all to attend, including pets. More information can be found on the city’s website cited above - on the community events page. 

5 p.m. - 10pm

Next to City Hall in Dania Beach


2019 Dog Wash Season

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Leon County Humane Society

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2019 Dog Wash Season

Location: Leon County Humane Society, 413 Timberlane Road, Tallahassee.

Dog washes are held the 2nd Saturday of each month - except July.  A $10 donation includes includes a hand wash for your dog using a hypoallergenic coconut shampoo, towel dry and an optional flea dip.  

Additional spa services including professional nail trimming, Furminator undercoat brushing, and the Woof Poof cool blow dry are also available. 

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Leon County Humane Society



7pm - 9pm

Aaron Bessant Park

+ Event Details



Location: Aaron Bessant Park, 600 Pier Park Drive. 

This is a free, pet-friendly event. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, coolers, and food and enjoy the sounds of summer music. This evening's entertainment will be the last of this concert series, Ronnie Wold & The Pack. 

You can find more info about these events  here

7pm - 9pm

Aaron Bessant Park

+ Event Details

+ Event Details

More Events

Aid for Pets and their Peeps


Help is here...

This information has been compiled by various pet-loving friends and organized here by Patricia Stephens, Owner of FloridaPets.net. 

"Dear God, you have given us care over all living things; protect and bless the animals who give us companionship and delight, make us their true friends and worthy companions."

Most of us know someone personally impacted by today's jagged economy. - perhaps you and yours have been struggling? People are losing their jobs, families are losing their homes, and for many, it's getting harder and harder to put food on the table. And...in too many cases, an innocent animal is somewhere in the background, being negatively impacted by all of this and not understanding why. According to The Humane Society of the United States, thousands of family pets are now finding themselves at local pounds and rescues - or worse - simply because their families can no longer afford to take care of them.

Thinking about this was making me really sad. So I decided to do something. This page is a list of resources for people who are struggling to keep their pets in spite of the nation's economy. 

From low-cost spaying and neutering services to free pet food, I've tried to find people and places that can help. And I hope to grow this list, by finding more resources myself and by readers like you letting me know about others. I believe it's vital for people to be able to keep their pets, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. And it's vital for pets to be able to keep their homes. 

I hope this information will help someone through a difficult time. I have added the actual web addresses for people accessing this information from someone who printed it off. 

The first thing you should do, if you need help with pet food or medical care, is to contact your local humane society or animal control. Many of them have programs designed to help people afford good care for their pets. We have a good list of Florida humane societies to get you started. 

Please read this first! 

You will need to qualify for the programs listed below. Please understand these are not places where you can give your pet away. These resources are to help you keep your pet. Please read or call for their qualifications before applying for assistance.

Pet Food

1. Fairy Dog Parents

This non profit organization provides help with food and vet care for qualified applicants. 

2.  The Pet Project 

A Florida non-profit group which helps people in Broward and Dade counties with terminal or disabling conditions, seniors on fixed incomes, and victims of violent crimes. The group arranges for pet food, supplies, medical care, including immunizations, and also offers some hands-on assistance to help their clients keep their pets. 

3) Meals on Wheels 

These programs help seniors feed their pets as well as themselves. Contact your local Meals on Wheels or senior center for details. Not all areas offer this service. Areas we know that do have this program include:

* Citrus County Pet Meals Program

For information, call (352) 527-5975.

* Jacksonville Meals on Wheels

For information, or to volunteer, call the City of Jacksonville office at (904) 255-7387(PETS).

* Meals on Wheels for Pets Nassau

Serves homebound senior citizens with pets in Nassau County.

4) Feeding Pets of the Homeless

This nonprofit organization reports the following Florida locations as distributors of free food for pets of homeless individuals. Soup kitchens, rescue groups and individuals who need food for pets can go to the following:

* Brothers Keeper

2 W. Fort King St., Ocala, FL 34471. (352) 622-3846

* Broward Meals on Wheels

For info call (954) 731-8770.

* Helping Hands Clinic

Also provides healthcare to the homeless. 419 NE 1st St., Gainesville, FL. (352) 372-8523 ext. 17.


435 W. 2nd St., Ocala, FL. (352) 629-8868

* Leesburg Food Bank Inc.

1305 Sunshine Ave., Leesburg, FL. (352) 326-5463.

* Saint Francis House Homeless Shelter & Soup Kitchen

413 South Main St., Gainesville, FL. (352) 378-9079

* The Salvation Army

639 E. University Ave., Gainesville, FL. (352) 376.1743.

* Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Anyone who needs food for their pet can come to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay at 3607 N. Armenia Avenue during normal business hours and pick up food for their dogs or cats every Tuesday from Noon - 3 p.m. and every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  For more info, call  813-876-7138 ext 0. 

* Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen

Serves Georgia. Offers food, supplies, medical supplies and services, even a temporary foster program. These people have it all together and are promising to help those who want to start similar programs in their areas across the country. 

* First Coast No More Homeless Pets Pet Food Bank

This group provides a one month supply of cat or dog food for up to 4 dogs and 5 cats per household in Jacksonville, for those who qualify.

* Rescue Raffle

This Hudson-based group provides needy pets with food, vet care and even temporary housing in order to help people keep their pets. The public can help by supporting the group's pet food drives and fundraising raffles. For more info, visit the link above. 

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