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Dog Parks & Beaches

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS  (Seminole County)

1.  Cranes Roost Park

Located at 274 Cranes Roost Boulevard. The pet walk path is conveniently mapped out and posted on signage in the park. Pets must be leashed and humans must clean up after their pet. Pets are prohibited in the Plaza and Amphitheater areas at all times and throughout the park during events with street closures. 

2.  Seminole Wekiva Trail 

Part of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Readers say this is a nice paved and shaded walk. 

APOPKA (Orange County)

1. Doctor's Dog Park 

Located at 21 N Highland Avenue. 

AUBURNDALE (Polk County)

1.  Auburndale Dog Park.  

Located at 318 Denton Avenue,  at the south end of the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex. This 2-acre dog park offers separate areas for small and large dogs, parking, pet waste stations, trash cans, benches, an obstacle course, water fountains for both pets and people and lots of room to play. The dog park is close to the Auburndale TECO Recreation Trail, a popular dog-walking location. This park provides a choice to the people and dogs who have been driving to Polk County's other dog park in Mulberry. 

CASSELBERRY  (Seminole County)

1.  Pawmosa Dog Park

Located at 140 Plumosa Ave., next to Plumosa Oaks Park at 140 Plumosa Avenue. This park opened in 2006 and is a one-acre shady spot surrounded by a 6-foot fence. It has two separate areas, one for big dogs and one for small dogs. The park also offers watering stations, trash receptacles, benches and fire hydrants. 

Clermont (Lake County)

1.  Lake Hiawatha Park

Located at 450 North 12th Street, also known as County Road 561 (west of the roundabout. This is a 128-acre park that offers  separate fenced areas for large & small dogs, water fountains for the dogs, a playground, a tree-stump obstacle course, hiking trails and a picnic pavilion. Open sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. 

EDGEWOOD (Charlotte County) 

At this time, we know of no pet-friendly locations in Charlotte County specifically. However, Edgewood is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan area and many locations that welcome pets can be found in those listings.

INVERNESS (Citrus County)

1. Bark Central Dog Park

Reader Notes: "This is a pay for membership or pay as you go park with a great fenced in area and a pond in each part (both small dog and large dog) of the park.  They also have an agility area (and they teach agility) and an area where they teach obedience. These are nice people and they monitor the park carefully for dogs that are causing trouble. I recommend this park to anyone in the area that needs a great place for your dog to run." "This park offers 20 acres of off-leash romping space enclosed by six-foot chain link fencing, separate areas for small and large dogs, filtered swimming ponds, indoor, warm-water bathing tubs, outdoor rinsing station, plenty of trees and more. 

KISSIMMEE (Osceola County)

 1. Partin Triangle Park dog park

Located off Neptune Road, between Kissimmee and St Cloud, but some readers say it's more St. Cloud than Kissimmee. It offers 2 sections; one for dogs under 30 pounds and the other for dogs over 30 pounds. There is plenty of shade and several automatic water bowls. Reader Notes: "This park has two fenced in areas for small and large dogs, water fountains for the dogs, plenty of trees and shade as well as benches. Quite nice." "At present, there is no lake or pools for dogs to play in. There are no hoses to wash your dogs if they play in the mud, so bring a towel and a blanket for your car. For the most part, the same people seem to go there so all the dogs know each other and everyone is friendly. This used to just have a kids playground tennis courts, etc., and now they're fenced off an area for dogs. They also provide bags to clean up after the dogs."

2. Mill Slough Park

Located on Agate. To get there, go east on Boulder Rd off of Michigan.  Michigan runs north and south off of U.S. 192.  Take Boulder down a few blocks until you get to Agate. Turn left onto Agate and the dog park is at the dead end of the road. Reader Notes: "This was my first experience with a dog park and, as the others have noted, this park isn't located in the most appealing neighborhood (bars on windows and doors of many of the homes) but the park itself is in a nice open location. There is a working dog fountain, one concrete bench under a large shade tree, a fire hydrant, four 4-foot diameter concrete pipes and a 'playground duck and turtle' within the main fenced area. There is also an adjoining dog run which I used to make sure my newly adopted dog would be friendly before I let him in the main park." "Very quiet. Disposal bags available. Neighborhood going into area not great, but quite the oasis back under the trees. We brought our own toys & water. For someone who is deed-restricted and cannot fence in their backyard - a nice place to let your dog run free. No frills." "This park is horrible and dangerous and I will never return." "I have been to this dog park, but I would not really call it a park. It is a small fenced in area with no water stations and it is not in the best of neighborhoods. To be honest I would never return - it was a dump! There were no other dogs there it was just me and my friend and our dogs. It was very disappointing." Web Mistress Note: Anyone living in this area who might be interested in helping to turn this facility in a nicer dog park should contact the city and/or county's parks and recreation department.  

LAKELAND (Polk County)

DiOGi Park

This park is located on three acres within the Loyce E. Harpe Park, 500 West Carter Road. This dog park was established in memory of Polk County Deputy Sheriff Vernon "Matt" Williams and his beloved K-9, DiOGi. The grand opening was held 07-14-07. It is Polk County's first dog park and it has dual areas for little and big dogs, each with colorful fire hydrants, agility training equipment, and shaded picnic shelters for the humans. Reader note: "I visited this park recently, but wasn't impressed. There was no agility course as stated here, only dirt." Reader note: "What a wonderful park! Besides a covered picnic table, there is also a drinking fountain for humans in both the small and large dog areas and this offers a great way to fill a bowl for your dog to drink. They have planted many trees which already offer some shade and have even landscaped outside the fence.  We found this park to be clean and well maintained. My only problem was with children who came with their mom and dog. The kids tried to play on the agility dog equipment. I explained that it was for the dogs only and the dogs couldn't play in their park on their equipment. I also offered them a ball to play with their dog. This is the only irresponsible dog owner I have met there. Thanks so much for this wonderful place. Woof, woof." Reader note: "Me and my son visited this park with our pug recently. We had so much fun, we ended up spending over three hours there." Reader note: "I've visited this park about six times since it opened and have always found it clean and well-maintained. Everyone I talk to praises this park. We have waited a long time for a dog park here in the Lakeland/Mulberry area. Please encourage your readers to continue to use the park responsibly so we'll all have a great place for our dogs to play and socialize." Reader note: "This park was nice at first, but three weeks after opening, people are not picking up after their pets. It seems this nice new park is being overrun by irresponsible people." Reader note: "There are two waste bag dispensers in each section. I quit going because of the poop of the ground and I didn’t want my dog to step in it...why can’t people be responsible owners and pick up after their pets?" Reader note: "It's a nice, rather small park. There's only one shaded pavilion for the humans in each section. There is only one drinking fountain for the dogs.  It's a small metal drinking pan that's partially buried that is on an automatic fountain to refill when the water drops low. The problem is that since it's so low, all the dogs are going in it to lay in the cool water.  So it's best to bring your own dish for water. And for only being open for 2 days, there was a lot of waste on the ground where owners aren't picking up after their dogs. There is some agility equipment for the dogs in both the big and small dog area. All the dogs there were getting along great and having a lot of fun. All in all, it's a good start for the first park in Lakeland."

2. Other Lakeland area pet friendly areas

We are told dogs on leashes are permitted in any of the city's parks without swimming pools. Those would include, but not be limited to, the following parks: 

1. Adair Park. Located on Lakeland Hills Boulevard adjacent to historic Henley Field.

2. Barnett Family Park. Located at 121 South Lake Ave.

3. Carter Road Park, 500 W. Carter Road.

4. Curtis Peterson Park. Located at 3700 Cleveland Heights Boulevard.

5. Dobbins Park. Located at 514 W. Ariana Street.

6. Lake Bonny Park. Located on US 98, across from Lakeland High School.

7. Lake Mirror Park. Located on Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland.

8. Lake Parker Park. Located at 910 E. Granada Street.   

LAKE WALES (Polk County)

Lady Lake Dog Park

Located at 136 Skyline Drive, at the Rolling Acres Sports Complex. This was Lake County's first dog park.

Web Mistress Note: This is all the info we have about this park - can anyone share any more details?  

LEESBURG (Lake County)

1. City of Leesburg Dog Park

Located at the corner of  Silver Lake Road and College Drive, right across from Lake/Sumter Community College. Offers separate areas for small and large dogs, shaded areas, benches, a water fountain for dogs, as well as a shower for feet. Leashes must be left outside.

Reader Notes: "This park is really well done. It's very nice."

2. Dog Power Dog Park 

(Also known as PEAR Park.) Located at 5336 University Avenue, Leesburg, in the Palatlakaha Environmental and Agricultural Reserve, between Leesburg and Florida's Turnpike off U.S. Highway 27 and one mile south of County Road 48 at the west end of University Avenue. This dog park was organized by a Girl Scout as her community service project.  Reader Notes: "The park now has 5 separate fenced areas for small, medium, large, mixed sizes and disabled pets and/or owners. There is also an on site wash station." "Each area has a double-gated entrance; dogs can't run out when others come in. There's also fresh drinking water, cleanup stations, and fire hydrants in each area. For the humans, readers tell us there are shade trees, benches and even a walkway. The whole dog park area is enclosed with colorful fencing adorned with shapes of dogs." "Thanks to Trudy Ports, a Lake County volunteer, an off-leash, totally supervised dog park was opened September, 2003 near Okahumka, Florida, just south of Leesburg, south of County Hwy 48, off Hwy 27. The road to it, University Avenue, is just north of Spanish Village. The park is located at 5336 University Avenue. "Dog [guardians] must present proof of shots at their first visit and of course each human is responsible for cleaning up after their pet and keeping their pet under control. It is a marvelous social atmosphere for both pets and people. "The park is divided for large and small dogs and aggressive dogs are not permitted. There is a high degree of safety involved and fresh water is brought in by the volunteers. We are hoping the success of the park leads to a bigger, better location. It is currently funded by donations from the patrons." "This park also has 313-acres of land, a 1.3-mile river trail, a Xeriscape garden, which is a water-conserving method of landscaping that works well in Florida's climate, a butterfly garden and a nature trail and center. The dog park is open seven days a week, from dawn to dusk. It also offers canopies for shade, bench seating, and potty bags. Friends of the Park volunteers help Animal Services and Lake County Parks and Recreation Department monitor the park. For information about Friends of the Park, call 352-408-7364. "This is a really nice place that's open and out of the way. We discovered a river hiking trail outside the park and we will definitely return to the P.E.A.R. park."

MOUNT DORA (Lake County)

Mount Dora Dog Park

Located behind the Ice House Theater parking lot on Unser Street. The Grand Opening ceremony for this dog park was June 30, 2007. Reader Notes: "This is a city owned park in the larger city Lincoln Park recreation area. Nicely grassed. Benches. 3 separate fenced areas (small, medium, large dogs with double-gated entry). Water in each area; Mutt Mitts supplied. Restrooms across street at Baseball Fields. Large  parking lot. Room to expand. Open dawn to dusk daily."

2. Downtown Mount Dora<font color="red"> Despite a report a few years ago from a reader who reported the downtown area non pet friendly during the annual Christmas Walk, another reader who lives nearby recently reports,"I have taken my 70 pound golden retriever down there many times. Businesses often have bowls of water laid out and I see many dogs walking around. Also, most of the restaurants down there with outdoor seating more than welcome dogs and will give them bowls of water when they dine there."

MULBERRY (Polk County)

 1. DiOGi Park

Located on three acres within the Loyce E. Harpe Park, 500 West Carter Road. This dog park was established in 2007, in memory of Polk County Deputy Sheriff Vernon "Matt" Williams and his beloved K-9, DiOGi. This is Polk County's first dog park and it has dual areas for little and big dogs, each with colorful fire hydrants, agility training equipment, and shaded picnic shelters for the humans. There is also a pond. Reader Notes: "There is nothing to this park - for the dogs to do that is.Unless the dog owner brings the dogs favorite play toy, they have to play with each other or like mine - does not play with others very much, I mean she plays but only for a few minutes, but then she's done and just wants to lay around. Oh, and also what about wheelchair access to the picnic table and water fountain. I am disabled and unable to get water for myself unless I bring my own water or a cup from home. And the picnic table is on a cement platform, too high for me to pop up on unless I ask for help as I usually go to the park during the week, weather permitting, and do not have someone to go with me. On one occasion I went on a Saturday, but my parents did not want to tag along. So I went with my dog and was grateful that strangers helped me." "I visited this park recently, but wasn't impressed. There was no agility course as stated here, only dirt." "It is a nice place to take your dogs. but they need to fix entrance to the large dogs section. When it rains it floods right at the gate." "We've visited this park about six times since it opened and have always found it clean and well-maintained. Everyone we talk to praises this park. We have waited a long time for a dog park here in the Lakeland/Mulberry area. Please encourage your readers to continue to use the park responsibly so we'll all have a great place for our dogs to play and socialize." "This park was nice at first, but three weeks after opening, people are not picking up after their pets. It seems this nice new park is being overrun by irresponsible people." "There are two waste bag dispensers in each section. I quit going because of the poop of the ground and I didn’t want my dog to step in it...why can’t people be responsible owners and pick up after their pets?" "For those who aren't quite familiar with the area, the park is not hard to find. If you can find your way to S. Florida Ave. in Lakeland, or take this exit from the Polk Parkway, you will head South towards Mulberry. The park is located off Carter Road, just behind the new Super Walmart center on S. Florida Ave. Coming from Lakeland, you will take a left onto Carter Road and the first right into the park behind the shopping plaza. Following the road through the park, past some ball fields on the left, DiOGi Dog Park is located in the back right corner." "This park has an area for small dogs, as well as an area for large dogs. While the agility equipment is placed in both areas, it is not placed in such close coordinates that a course is easy to follow. However, there is a covered picnic table in each area, but space is limited. There are water fountains and large bathing tubs, or for some -watering pales- for the dogs to enjoy as well. The park is also equipped with plastic bag stations to keep the grass free of 'doggie-debree' to make the park convenient for everyone." 

OCALA (Marion County)

1. Millennium Dog Park

Located at 2573 SE 32nd Avenue. Closed Thursday and Friday. Summer hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Winter hours are 8 a.m to 5 p.m. This off-leash dog park is part of the Jervey Gantt City Park, but encompasses six separate acres, five acres of which is set aside for large dogs and 3/4 acre for small dogs. Offers water stations, poop bag dispensers, a pavilion in the large dog area for shade. Volunteer monitors are in attendance. Sprinkler system, trees and a paved parking lot are coming soon. While this is a private, non-profit dog park, there is no fee, but donations are appreciated to help keep the park running. The park also has fundraising activities, such as November's annual Santa photos, a  memorial brick garden and "Fire Hydrant Alley." For more information, call 352-732-8655. Reader notes: "It's a nice clean park. No dogs under 6 months are allowed and un-neutered males are not allowed. I take my dog there three to four days a week. The people and dogs are great."

2. Regular City Parks in Ocala

Leashed dogs are allowed, but are not permitted on - or near - any walking trails.

3. Silver Springs State Park 

Lucy Tobias, publisher of the monthly Saturday Morning Magazine, reminds readers that when traveling around Florida, the early bird gets the worm - in this location, the scenery.

"My dogs like walking the Sand Hill Trail at this park. "Often we’re the first ones walking the leaf-strewn path and that means our chances of seeing wildlife are pretty good." Well-behaved, leashed pets are welcome in the Park's campground, picnic area, and on the trails. Humans are expected to clean up after their pets. Excluding service animals, pets are not permitted in the restrooms, museum or cabins."

ORLANDO (Orange County)

Web Mistress note: The parks listed on this page allow dogs off-leash. For a list of Orange county parks and city of Orlando parks that allow dogs on a leash -- and there are quite a few -- please go to  Orlando Leashed Parks.

1. Barber Park Dog Park

Located at 3701 Gatlin Avenue. Directions: Located on Gatlin Avenue between Conway Rd. and 436. Offers two play areas (for small and large dogs,) with a water fountain in each, an obstacle course (similar to agility) in each play area. For more information, call 407-249-6102.

2. Downey Park

The park is located at 10107 Flowers Ave., on the corner of E. Colonial Drive (SR-50) and Dean Road in East Orange County. Go east on E. Colonial Drive to the parking lot entrance on the right. Offers high fenced areas, one for small dogs and another for larger dogs, a timeout area, benches, picnic tables, water fountains (dog and human), trash cans (secure), dog clean up supplies and receptacles, some signage, lots of older trees, and some newly planted trees/landscaping situated on a lake. 

3. Dr. Phillips Dog Park

Located at the end of a community park, adjacent to Sand Lake Elementary School (8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd). This park can be difficult to find, as there are no signs posted and it's at the far end of the community park.  

4. Lake Baldwin Park

Located on South Lakemont Avenue, south of Aloma on Lake Baldwin. Serves Winter Park and Orlando areas. Open Monday through Friday, dawn- 8 p.m.; weekends dawn to 11 a.m. off-leash, then on-leash until 4 p.m., then off-leash again after 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Offers fenced area, benches, tables, handicap access, poop bags, trees, parking, restrooms, water, trash, lights, shelter, pavilions with grills, lake and boat ramp.

5. Greenwood Urban Wetlands

Located at the corner of Mills and Anderson. The lake inside this park is called Lake Greenwood. Offers picnic area, benches, parking.

6. Meadow Woods Dog Park

Located in the New Meadow Woods Park near Meadow Woods Middle School on Rhode Island Woods Drive. This park serves residents living in the south central part of the county. Offers an area for large dogs and another for small dogs, dog bathing and drinking stations. Outside the dog park area are two large tot lots that are covered by shade structures, benches, basketball court, and a nature walk around a small lake. Directions: From Orlando, go south on Orange Avenue through the community of Taft. Continue going south on Orange Avenue and pass Wetherbee Road.  Turn left on Fairway Woods Blvd. At the stop sign, turn right on Landstar and proceed to Rhode Island Woods Circle.  There's a flashing yellow light at this intersection. Turn left on Rhode Island Woods Circle and continue about 2 miles. The first school you see is an elementary school - keep going. The Dog Park and the Meadow Woods Middle School are on the left.

7. Barnett Park Dog Park

Located at 4801 W. Colonial Drive, between Pine Hills Road and Mercy Drive, directly behind the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Offers separate areas for large and small dogs, shade trees and restrooms. Reader Notes: "It is really a very nice park, way off the beaten trail. Very secluded. You would never know you're practically in the middle of a major city like Orlando. Getting there is a little tricky. You enter at the Barnett Park entrance at 4801 West Colonial. Follow the road all the way to the end. Take a right. There's a quick stop sign. Go straight to the end. Take a left. Go over a little green bridge. Take a left. The dog park will be straight ahead. "The fenced area is small, but well shaded. Separate areas for 30 lbs & under dogs & 30 lbs & over dogs. The dogs must be on a leash when not inside the fenced area of the dog park or there will be a fine. When we were there, the dog waste bag dispenser was full, the trash was emptied and the area had an overall clean look to it."

8. Paw Park of Historic Sanford

Open since May, 2001, this was Orlando's first official off-leash dog park. Features include a small dog alternative play area, a time-out area, bag dispensers for disposal of dog waste, park benches, dog showers, self-watering bowls, historic lighting, and a community bulletin board (which includes information on dogs available for adoption from area shelters.) It is handicapped accessible, and has a double gate entrance for safety. The park is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily, but is closed Tuesday mornings for maintenance. The Paw Park has become one of Central Florida's newest and most popular recreation areas for owners and their best friends -- their dogs.  First time users are encouraged to read the rules on the site above for their safety as well as their dog's well-being before visiting the park. Location: 427 S. French Avenue (US 17/92), between 4th and 5th Streets in northern Orlando. Reader Notes: "This is a great park! It is well maintained and many regulars visit each week."

9. West Orange Dog Park

Developed in 2002. Park hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the winter and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the summer. This one-acre park is completely fenced in (6-feet high), has shade trees, water fountains and water dishes for the dogs, pavilions, separate areas for small dogs and medium/large dogs, plenty of Frisbees and tennis balls, nice benches inside the dog areas and a picnic table. A user who lives in Clermont (South Lake County), said this park (in southwest Orlando) is much more convenient than driving to Sanford.  To get to the dog park, locate the intersection of Highway 50 (Colonial Drive) and Beulah Road. It's just west of the Florida Turnpike and Highway 50. Turn South on Beulah (the only way you can turn). There's a Chevron gas station on the corner. Watch for the signs to the YMCA. Continue South on Beulah Road until you go under the Turnpike overpass. Turn left onto Marshall Farms Road. The dog park is about 1/4 mile down on the right. The same user mentioned above cautioned that Marshal Farms Road is just after passing below the Turnpike. Street signs aren't too obvious, so be ready to turn left under the overpass. The park is on the right, just after the right/left "S" curve on Marshal Farms Road. Reader Notes: "The park is clean and it has little obstacle courses in the corners of the park. But some of the small dogs could squeeze through the fence into the big dog area. I let my dog explore the big dog area and there was a huge hole under the cement which my dog crawled under and I had a hard time getting him out. Although the small dog area was clean, the big dog area was full of puddles and the water fountain water made a big puddle which the dogs would get dirty from. But I liked that there were doggy waste bags available."

10. Yucatan Dog Park

Located at 6400 Yucatan Drive. To get there, go east on SR408 (East-West Expressway) and exit at SR 436 onto Lake Underhill.  Continue east across 436, turn left on Yucatan Drive and follow Yucatan to the park. For more info, call 407-254-9160. 

OXFORD (Sumter County)

1. DoggieDooRunRun Dog Park

Located at 12971 CR 101 in Oxford, just over 1 mile north of CR 466 on CR 101, which is directly across from the Villages High School. Open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Offers separate area for small dogs, toys, balls and several wading pools for those who want to cool off. This park is monitored 100 percent of the time. They'll even clean-up after your dog. Fee: $3.00 per day or  $25.00 per month. For more information, call 352-461-6373. Directions: Oxford is a little town along US 301, about halfway between Bellview & Wildwood in Sumter county.  Bellview being north of Oxford and Wildwood being South of Oxford.  Lady Lake is to the east of Oxford. The town is about 60 miles from Orlando.

Reader Notes: A very nice reader said this is a wonderful place with a big small dog area, a big large dog area and an agility area. She said the owner of the property is finally retired and is doing what he likes best on the property he owns. She reiterated the fees as stated above and said all you have to do is put up a flag when your dog does his business and the nice owner will take care of it. She also reiterated the canine amenities as mentioned above and said there are also canopied tents and chairs for the fur kid parents. She said there's plenty of grass and run room for all dogs. She noted the location, on CR 101, just off CR 466, is perfect for the huge, active retirement area of The Villages. 

"My dog gives this park a huge paws up!"

"What a wonderful place. There are no trees, but they have canopies and chairs...there's also an agility area. The areas are all grassy and clean. What fun!"

POINCIANA (Polk County)  

Poinciana Dog Park 

Located at 5109 Allegheny Road, at the corners of Allegheny Road, Marigold Avenue, and Lake Hatchineha Road. Offers two dog parks, one for small dogs and one for large dogs, and an agility ramp and tunnel, water fountain and several poop stations in each dog park. Parking is right in front of the park. 

ST. CLOUD (Osceola County)

WebMistress Note:  I will research nearby towns to find dog-friendly parks and other venues for St. Cloud pet peeps.

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